About MedXPrime

MedXPrime. Extending the “Halo” concept, in September 2014 we expanded into the medical arena with a new division, MedXPrime, by introducing a life-saving genetic test that helps to prevent adverse drug reactions. We have continued to expand MedXPrime by offering doctors and medical facilities other services which provide better healthcare to their patients and increased revenue for their practice.

Pharmacogenetic (PGx) Testing.  MedXPrime offers ‘Personalized Medicine’ in the form of pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing helping to prevent adverse drug reactions. This valuable service introduces ‘Tomorrow’s Medicine, Today’ and helps to save lives in the process. In the U.S. 125,000 people die from Adverse Drug Reactions, the 4th leading cause of death, plus 2 million are hospitalized and many have lifelong issues. This is all due to taking the wrong medication/s.  A VERY simple test to prevent this has been around for 10 years but the majority of doctors still aren’t using it even though major clinics like Mayo, Vanderbilt, Duke, Stanford and many others have incorporated it into their procedures.  St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital tests every patient.  It’s a simple Q-tip cheek swab, administered by a doctor, which is sent to the world-class lab we’ve teamed up with.  Within a few days, the doctor gets a report that clearly shows what medications the patient can safely take and, most importantly, which cannot be tolerated along with the correct dosage for the best results. As we say, the ‘Right Information, with the Right Drug, in the Right Dose, at the Right Time’.

This video, The New Era of Personalized Medicine, features the Director of Pharmacogenetics at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Richard Weinshilboum, and the Dean of the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Dr. Jeffrey Balser, speaking about the importance and value of this breakthrough technology. This will give you an idea of the potential of what we have created with MedXPrime in this new era of “Personalized Medicine”. PGx testing is truly “Tomorrow’s Medicine, Today”.

View a 4 minute presentation on “The New Era of Personalized Medicine”:

The advantages of personalized medicine are:

  • Develop better efficacy of treatment, quicker response to medication
  • Better health outcomes sooner
  • Fewer adverse events, and 
  • Lower health care system costs

This is truly a life and death issue. If you are taking medications, do not delay. You may have loved ones taking medications or getting new prescriptions, perhaps they are experiencing side effects. Plus, you never know when either you or someone you care about may need a new medication. Please don’t gamble with a life and death issue. To know about PGx testing and not have this vital information is literally playing Russian roulette with your safety and well-being along with those you love.

We have a letter for you to take to your doctor requesting this test. Our representative will customize it for your doctor so you can hand deliver it. This is a compelling message for your physician that introduces the PGx test and makes clear that you want this test done ASAP. This opens the door for you to introduce your MedXPrime rep to your doctor and get your own PGx test. The doctor will enroll as a client of the lab to send not only your PGx test but, hopefully, have all patients tested.

Contact your MedXPrime Associate for more information and get tested now!

Insurance A/R Recovery and Billing – MedXPrime Revenue Recovery (mr2).

We have a proven system to help doctors, labs, medical groups and hospitals recover huge sums of denied insurance claims and increase their monthly cash flow by tens of thousands of dollars.  Insurance Accounts Receivables is now at a “crisis level” in just about 100% of medical practices and most labs, medical groups and hospitals.  Medical billing companies very quickly collect 70% of the doctor’s monthly billing but the remaining 30% is very time-consuming and labor-intensive to recover.  Billing companies would rather move to the following month’s 70% collection and this goes on month after month.  The 30% continues to pile up and adds up to tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and, believe it or not, sometimes millions. Ultimately, these funds are typically written off as uncollected.  With mr2 we help our clients recover tens of thousands of dollars in uncollectable insurance A/R. We turn old, unrecovered funds into real bottom line assets. This is money in their bank that wasn’t there before and was very likely never going to be.

The Managing Partner of mr2 has 40 years of experience with physicians, hospitals, skilled nursing centers and labs. Her expertise includes leading her team in collecting $200 million on a $360 million project for a major national hospital/medical group. She and her team of experts know how to get claims paid to put the money in our client’s pocket!

mr2 is NOT a collection agency, but a firm that thoroughly understands claims, coding, and most importantly has a very skilled and talented team of specialists that do this on a daily basis. Most offices don’t realize there is a clock clicking on the time available to collect their money. All government and commercial payers have very strict timely filing deadlines.  Each day that goes by, some claims (their money) will fall off the financial cliff, which means lost income to the doctor or practice. Our team of experts work with bulldog tenacity to help stop the bleeding!

This is what mr2 brings to the table:

  • A leader with 40 years of experience, working with all medical specialties
  • $200 million collected on a $360 million hospital project
  • Bulldog tenacity when it comes to collecting unpaid claims from the insurance companies
  • A detailed A/R recovery sample analysis report delivered in 48 hours
  • Zero upfront cost for this very labor-intense “WOW Report”
  • Post recovery prevention of continued A/R build-up

Please watch our concise and compelling 4 minute video of mr2:

Visit the mr2 website at medxprimerevenuerecovery.com where you can get complete information on this remarkable service.

Toxicology Testing. The legal climate in the medical industry has drastically changed recently creating very real exposure of serious legal liability to doctors.  With this service, we show physicians how we can help keep their patients safe and also reduce their legal exposure with the lab’s advanced, comprehensive tox testing.  EVERY clinician that prescribes medications needs to use or lab’s tox testing! Our lab’s unique advantage over all other tox labs is that we test for over 100 drugs, not just your typical pain meds, including illicit, designer and street drugs.  For our reps, this expands toxicology testing from primarily pain management to ALL doctors prescribing medications.  This has huge implications for creating very generous income. It is a whole new world for physicians and they absolutely need to know this information.

We are on a mission to save lives with PGx testing and are dedicated to helping our representatives ‘Do Well by Doing Good’.  With mr2 we can improve a doctor’s bottom line significantly with A/R recovery and increase their monthly cash flow with more effective and efficient billing.

Business Opportunity. Along with these life-changing services, Financial Halo/MedXPrime also offers a unique and lucrative business opportunity of ‘Doing Well by Doing Good’ with a generous compensation plan, training and support. Our core precept for our Associates is to create a business in which they can create multiple streams of income from diversified profit centers by combining much needed debt and tax relief for individuals and business owners; a suite of services for doctors and hospitals that will dramatically increase their revenue with mr2 along with a means to save lives by reducing Adverse Drug Reactions with pharmacogenetic testing and protecting both doctors and patients with advanced toxicology testing. Creating relationships across different areas of interest allows our representatives to build a business with multiple streams of income from diversified profit centers…