About Us

About Financial Halo

Financial Halo is dedicated to offering services across a spectrum that is defined by making a significant difference in people’s lives. We initiated operations in October 2013 by offering a suite of services through our strategic alliances with third party providers. Our initial core concept was to help people increase their net worth rapidly by accessing these services to reduce debt, save money and increase their assets. Financial Halo has developed these life-changing services along with specialized practice management programs for medical professionals. We are dedicated to providing programs that affect people in significant and meaningful ways, helping to resolve financial and health issues that are deeply burdensome and emotionally very difficult.

MyMedXHalo – MedXPrime. Extending the “Halo” concept, in September 2014 we expanded into the medical arena with a new division, MedXPrime, by introducing a life-saving genetic test that helps to prevent adverse drug reactions. We have continued to expand MedXPrime by offering doctors and medical facilities other services which provide better healthcare to their patients and increased revenue for their practice. These services include:




We are on a mission to save lives with PGx testing and are dedicated to helping our representatives ‘Do Well by Doing Good’. Our advanced toxicology testing protects physicians and patients by identifying over 100 medications and illicit drugs that may be in patient’s system. With mr2 we can improve a doctor’s bottom line significantly with insurance Accounts Receivable recovery and increase their monthly cash flow with more effective and efficient billing.

Business Opportunity. Along with these life-changing services, Financial Halo/MedXPrime also offers a unique and lucrative business opportunity of ‘Doing Well by Doing Good’ with a generous compensation plan, training and support.

Our Mission Statement is our promise to you:

To enhance, preserve and protect the personal well-being of those who place their trust in us, helping people to develop resources that resolve stress by providing proven, high-integrity products and services that exceed expectations. We will help reduce anxiety and worry while increasing net worth, improving health and contributing to the enjoyment of life in our customers’ lives. We help people create a ‘lifestyle by design’.